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Coil Polishing Guidance

The following notes are recommendations only. This advice can help safeguard the quality of coiled material:

1. It is preferred that we receive coils with a 12” I/D. We can then return the coils to you on 12” up to 20” I/D.

2. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT COILS ARE TISSUE INTERLEAVED. Coils received with Tissue Interleaving are less susceptible to scuffing and scratching.

3. We recommend that Coil of larger widths and thin gauges have cardboard centres to help protect Inner laps and edges from damage. Coils with cardboard centres require a spare centre for the coil to be rewound onto during production. Cardboard inserts need to be 12.1/2” I/D up to 20” I/D.

4. Maximum OD of coils acceptable is 1000mm. Maximum width 1000mm. Minimum Width 1” if Coating or Tissue interleaving is required or _” if no protection is required.

5. The “Tail” ends of Coils are susceptible to some damage due to being in contact with the actual De-coiler and Re-coiler, which is unfortunately unavoidable. However. this is an accepted situation with coil processing and most coils are already received like this. The above suggestions can help alleviate the problem.

6. Maximum pallet weight 2000kgs

We will immediately notify you of any Imperfections noticed during Processing. However, due to the nature of the process, we can only advise you of our observations and would be unable to take action and stop the production in the majority of situations. We can only advise you of the quality situation of the coil/s.

I hope the above guidelines will be of assistance to you. Quality of product is important.
Any queries please do not hesitate to call.

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